Specialization Course in Christianity | ONLINE

.October 4-28, 2021 | 6pm-9:15pm, Mon.-Thur|for Tour Guides - and the General PublicAcademic Director: Yisca Harani | Coordinator: Naama Nissani

Watch the Introductory Evening


A unique opportunity to enhance your knowledge and understanding of various topics related to Christianity in the Holy Land, with the most experienced speakers and scholars in the field  Holy Scriptures in Context | Christian Art | Jesus and Judaism | Historical Sources | Early Christianity | Christian Communities: Past & Present | Guiding Tips | Q&A Sessions


General Public: 1500 NIS (before Aug. 31 – only 1300 NIS)

Complementary tours offered for tour guides (separate fees)*

* The payment and the Price Suggested here is in new Israeli Shekel. The traded value is according to the payers country.The Shekel rate is approximately 1$ for 3.2 Shekels and 1 Euro for 3.77 Shekels

  Full Program - Click here

Inquiries: [email protected] | Tel. +972-2539-8855 (Yad Ben-Zvi)

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