Pastoral Hotel Kfar blum

Jacob's Ladder Festival 2022.

 Jacob's Ladder Festival is  now held in the format of the Jacob's Ladder Winter Weekend. It takes place in a beautiful new venue. It is limited to 500 participants only

 Participation in the event is permitted according  to the Ministry of Health rules ONLY

  People with rooms in the Pastoral Hotel SHOULD NOT  buy tickets here. Your tickets are included in the price of the hotel rooms

Camping is NOT permitted on the hotel grounds or in the kibbutz

Tickets may be cancelled up to 27th May subject to a 5% cancellation fee. No cancellations will be accepted after 27th May 

In the event that the festival is cancelled or participation is limited due to Corona regulations, ticket fees will be returned to customers in their entirety

  There are a few  tickets left, also a couple of hotel rooms. You can order the tickets here 

If you wish to order hotel rooms please call 04-6836611

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