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„My Hope“ Leon Gurvitch, Piano

Pianist & Composer Leon Gurvitch has a multifaceted feeling for music. And he belongs to a new generation of composers who are equally brilliant performing on stage. In his special program „My Hope“ the musician from Germany will present a range of his own works.

Gurvitch captivates the audience on the piano with his expressive yet delicate playing and virtuoso improvisations, consistently evoking a sense of fascination and delivering a delightful thrill.



Works by Leon Gurvitch


- Musique Mélancolique. Piano Cycle in 7. Parts Israel Premiere

- Variations on a Theme by Niccolo Paganini Israel Premiere

- Remember me

- Fiesta

- My Hope


80 NIS / 60 NIS


My hope




Photo: Werner Gritzbach

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